How to Pay BBMP Property Tax 2017-18 Online

How to Pay Property Tax Online – BBMP Bengaluru (2017-18)

Property Tax OnlineBBMP has recently updated and refined its new property tax portal to help citizens easily pay their property taxes.

Here is the step by step process to pay Property Tax using the BBMP Portal:

BBMP Property Tax Step 1

  1. Visit the new BBMP Property Tax portal and enter your SAS Base Application Number on the home page and click on ‘Fetch’. If you don’t know your base application number, select Renewal Application Number and enter your last year’s SAS application number. You could also use your old or new Property ID (PID) to proceed, if you know it.
  2. If the SAS application number or PID entered by you is valid, you will see your property’s first/sole owner’s displayed on the next page.BBMP Property Tax Step 2
  3. Ensure that it is correct.. In case there are any changes in the built-up area, occupancy or tenancy status of the property, select the check box before clicking on ‘Proceed’. This will take you to Form V instead where you can update your property particulars (proceed to step 5).
  4. If there are no changes just click on ‘Proceed’ to go to the property tax Form IV (proceed to step 6).
  5. If you checked the box on the previous page, you will be presented with Form V that allows you to modify the particulars of your property. You can do the necessary changes and then click on “Proceed to Next Step” at the bottom to see the tax calculation (proceed to step 7).BBMP Property Tax Step 3
  6. On the next page, all the details should have been pre-filled. If you did not check the box on the previous page, most of the fields in the page will not be editable (except phone numbers) since the form assumes there are no changes in any particulars from the previous year. Verify that all the details are correct and proceed to make the payment either online or via challan at the BBMP ward office.
    BBMP Property Tax Step 4
  7. On the next page, confirm if the calculations are correct and then proceed to pay the amount online or via challan.
  8. If you have chosen the online payment option, you can make the payment either via netbanking or credit card or e-wallet via the PayU portal. Once the payment is completed, you can print / download the receipt via the button on the page or via this link:
    BBMP Property Tax Step 5
  9. If you face any problem making the online payment, you can check the status and resume the payment by entering your 2017-18 SAS application number here:
  10. If you face any problems in filing your property tax, please contact BBMP via the below options:

If you face any issues or Grievances you can get help here:

Grievance page:
Phone No: 080 2297 5555
Help Line: 080 2266 0000

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