Buy Ethereum in India

Easiest way to Buy Ethereum Coins in India was via ethexIndia, but due to sudden Surge in Registrations, they are not accepting any more accounts (as of Sep 14 2017).

The Alternative way to Buy Ethereum in India is shown below:

How To Buy Ethereum in India:

  1. Buy Bitcoins in any Indian Crypto Currency Exchange.  The best/easiest options are:
    1. ZebPay – Android/IOS – Easily one of the most Trusted bitcoin exchanges in India.  Install the app on your phone/tablet.  Just Upload your PAN card and provide your Bank Account Details (To Send/Recieve payments) and you are good to go.  Use the Reference Code: “REF00642388” and get Rs 100 bonus bitcoins for your very first purchase (Excellent offer).  Minimum purchase limit is Rs. 1000 in ZebPay.
    2. UnoCoin – Web/Android/IOS – One of the first BitCoin Startups in India.  Install the App or Create an account on the website.  Upload your PAN and Aadhaar card for KYC and Bank Details (To Send/Recieve Payments) and your are ready.  Use the Reference Code: “U183907” for some PayTM cash as bonus.  Minimum purchase limit is Rs. 100 in UnoCoin
  2. Create an account on a reputed foreign exchange to exchange Bit Coins for Ethereum. I recommend using Coinbase to store currencies like Ethereum, Bit Coin Cash and Litecoin which are not currently supported by Indian exchanges.
  3. By Default you will get Three wallets in Coinbase – BitCoin, Ethereum & LiteCoin.  Once you see this you are ready to swap BitCoins for Ethereum
  4. Use a swapping service like Changelly to convert Bitcoins to Ethereum at the current best possible exchange rate. Here is How you can do this:
    1. Login to  Changelly  and type the amount of BTC to be converted. Click on “Exchange”
    2. Check the conversion rate and other details in the next page.  Usually the process takes ~5-30 mins to complete.  Hit on “Next”
    3. Next you need the Ethereum address to send the coins to.  You can get this from your Coinbase account.  Click on the ETH Wallet and click on “Recieve”
    4. Understand the warning displayed and make sure you only send ETH coins to this wallet.  Click on “Show Address”.  Copy the long Address shown in the page.
    5. Go Back to Changelly and paste the address as the Recipient’s ETH address.
    6. Click “Next”
    7. Double check the Transaction Details and click on “Confirm & Make Payment”
    8. Once Confirmed you will get a Transaction Id and BitCoin Address to send the bit coins to.
    9. Copy this BTC Address and use your BTC Wallet to send the exact amount of Bitcoins that you had mentioned
  5. Once completed you should have Ethereum Coins in your Coin Base ETH Wallet.
  6. Congratulations you now have Ethereum Coins 🙂 Go ahead Invest, Trade, Gift and Transact with these coins as you feel fit.

Currently both Ethereum and BitCoins are trading at very attractive prices.  May be worthwhile to get your hands on them